September 20, 2012


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My heart just melted on the floor,

I know I can’t have you anymore,

I have no more feelings to feel bad,

I have no more emotions

to make me jealous, angry and sad.

Now all my senses are so real,

The Ice spell is broken so that I can feel.

Now that I’m not evil anymore,

I’ve changed my look for you to adore…

Yes the spell is broken I see my fate,

I have a new look on my fashion plate.

You wouldn’t recognize me as of late.

For my hair and eyes are no longer dark,

I’m just like Mel with her beauty mark.

My mark is not for freezing anymore,

Just wait for my new book to see what’s in store.

The End

Copyright Nov.29,2010 by Razel Puppet

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September 19, 2012

Razel With Toy

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Razel With Toy

yes, Of CouRse eveRy toy wAnts to Pose With ME, so I let Him.

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