September 19, 2012

Mr. Big Toe Meets Razel’s One Thumb

Filed under: Razel Poems by Suzaria — by razelpuppet @ 4:41 pm

Mr. Big Toe Meets Razel’s One Thumb

Mr. Big Toe one day was at lunch

when he noticed Razel’s one thumb.

Yes, Razel only eats with thumb and pinky,

she tries not to make food look stinky.

Mr. Big Toe bumps into her chair,

Razel says, “Hey, you messed up my hair! ”

Mr. Big Toe offers her a ice blue comb,

he says “Sorry Razel, here’s one comb to take home.”

Razel replies with a gleam in her eye,

“I here you will dress as a clown in disguise”

Mr. Big Toe then looks dazed and confused,

He knows Razel does spells to be amused.

Mr. Big Toe thought and then cried,

“I don’t dress up as a clown because

I would be hit with a pie! ”

Razel then felt dumb founded

and then she rebounded.

“Don’t worry my precious Mr. Big Toe,

I would never give a pie a throw! ”

Written By Suzaria on February 1,2012




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